Mera Trans B.V.

Mera Trans B.V. is a relatively young company and specialized in transporting vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants sinds the start in 2066.
Sincs January 2024, Mera Trans B.V. had been acquired and is aprt of the Hartman Groep.

You can contact us using the information below.

Mera Trans B.V. – Hartman Expeditie | Waddinxveen
Exportweg 22
2742 RC Waddinxveen

T. +31 (0) 174 520 516


We provide groupage transport to England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.
Several trucks leave for these countries every day.

Tracking & Tracing

Our Mera Trans B.V. trucks can be followed online 24/7.
A GPS-system can track our entire fleet and give the exact location from all over the world at any time. Our planners at the office can review the historical data of your order and can tell you anything about the status of your cargo.

Cruise industry

Mera Trans B.V. has a great deal of experience in supplying cruiseships. For various customers we supply vegetables, fruit, flowers, fresh and frozen fish and other goods to cruise ships in various ports in Europe. From Istanbul to Lisbon, from Southampton to Helsinki or even in the north of Norway. We are very experienced in this. Especially in this industry, the delivery time listens very closely. A cruiseship is only in the harbour for a few hours, then it has to continue its journey.


Mera Trans B.V. currently travels Europe with 43 of its own vehicles. All equipped with great facilities to make it as pleasant as possible for our drivers on the road.

As of 2016, Mera Trans B.V.’s fleet consists 10 Mercedes Actros trucks and 33 Scania trucks.
The trucks run in both the colours of one of our clients and the Mera Trans B.V. colours.


Our drivers are the face and voice of our company. They are highly skilled and understand what it is all about.

They will ensure that your goods carefully will be loaded and professionally will be unloaded at its final destination of your customers at the agreed time.