Intermodal transport

The Hartman Groep has implemented an intermodal transport solution using road and rail transport to reduce CO2 emissions, increase loading capacity, reduce traffic congestion and respond to market challenges.

Since last year, the Hartman Groep has been offering an intermodal transport solution. This means that we use a combination of road transport and rail transport to get a load from the sender to the recipient. For this we work together with the Leemans Group and use the Skåne rail connection from Coevorden to Malmö in Sweden. Some of the advantages of intermodal transport:

  1. A CO2 reduction for a trip to Sweden of up to 80%
  2. 28 tons can be loaded onto the train, while a maximum of 22 tons can be loaded by road in Germany
  3. Reduces traffic jam pressure
  4. Can be easily combined with before-and-after transport on alternative fuel

Naturally, road transport remains the focus of our organization. However, focusing on rail transport helps us to respond to a number of current challenges, such as the increasingly tight labor market, tensions on the fuel market and increasing road congestion.