Met maar liefst 1900 zonnepanelen op het dak van de loods wekken we heel wat stroom op. Ideaal natuurlijk, maar door netcongestie konden wij de opgewekte stroom niet terugleveren aan het elektriciteitsnetwerk.

Gelukkig denken wij bij de Hartman Transport Groep oplossingsgericht, en hebben we een plan opgezet voor een alternatieve oplossing, namelijk de accucontainer. De aanschaf van deze speciale container werd mogelijk gemaakt door een bijdrage uit de subsidieregeling ‘Oplossingen netcongestie bij duurzame energieproductie’ van Provincie Drenthe.


Door het gebruik van de batterijcontainer zijn we in staat om in onze eigen energiebehoeften te voorzien. De opgewekte zonnestroom blijft volledig binnen het bedrijf bewaard en gebruikt en zo hoeft het openbare elektriciteitsnet niet verzwaard te worden. In de opslagcontainer kan maar liefst 1,1 megawatt stroom opgeslagen worden. Hiermee zijn we het grootste deel van het jaar zelfvoorzienend.

Ook RTV Drenthe was aanwezig op 19 januari om te rapporteren. Bekijk het item hier.

Since last year, Hartman Transport Groep has started to offer an intermodal transport solution. This means that we use a combination of road transport and rail transport to get a load from the sender to the recipient. For this we work together with the Leemans Groep and we use the Skåne rail connection from Coevorden to Malmö in Sweden. Some of the advantages of intermodal transport:

  1. A CO2 reduction for a trip to Sweden of up to 80%
  2. 28 tons can be loaded on the train where Germany allows a maximum of 22 tons by road
  3. Reduces traffic congestion
  4. Easy to combine with transport on alternative fuel

Of course, road transport remains the focus of our organization. However, the use of rail transport helps us to respond to a number of current challenges, such as the increasingly tight labour market, the tensions on the fuel market and the increasing road congestion.

Today one of our trucks took an alternative route and spent a day at the Aremberg primary school in Zwartsluis for the ‘Beroepen Doedagen’, a Dutch initiative to introduce students to all kinds of professions. Students could take a closer look at the truck and ask everything about the driver profession.

Fully equipped workshop and truck wash

The new workshop will be no less than 1600 square meters in total. There will be four work lanes in the building, two with cellars and one with a truck lift. In addition, there will be a complete truck wash installation for the fleet.

The aim is to carry out the majority of maintenance and repairs for our fleet on our own location. Currently our fleet includes 120 trucks and 280 units of trailer equipment.

Sketch of Hartman Transport Group's development in Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam
Sketch of Hartman Transport Group’s development in Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam

A completely climate neutral and paperless building

The building will be built completely climate neutral and according to the latest insights by Bouwgroep Noord (BGN) from Drachten. The interior will largely be provided by Brekupa. Metalin is responsible for the warehouse, in collaboration with Bulthuis Truck en Traileronderdelen. The workshop will not only be climate neutral, but also paperless. All work orders, invoices and stocks are digitally processed using an application. The PowerAll software for this is supplied by Bever Software.

Completion in 2022

The completion of the new development will take place in the first quarter of 2022.

Festive start of the construction of the new workshop and car wash at Hartman Transport Group
Festive start of the construction of the new workshop and car wash

Last week, Hartman Transport Group, formed by Hartman Expeditie, Internationaal Transport J.P. Vis & Zn.
and Brinkman Trans Holland launched its own business app. The app was developed by Bundeling and helps us to quickly share information and communicate with our employees. Via the app, we can now immediately share news items that were normally placed in the periodical newsletter and, if desired, we can direct this information only to a specific group of colleagues for whom the information is important. Other useful features are the options within the app to search for a colleague or a specific group of colleagues and from there send them an internal message or to form a chat group with them. This suits our business structure where drivers are mostly on the road and where colleagues on other positions in our company work together from different locations.

Our app now also offers the possibility to access various forms with which damage, material malfunctions, actions for the benefit of food safety and requests for resources can be submitted so that these reports can be followed up and handled in a structured way. The first work instructions and information about the situation at loading and unloading addresses can now also be found in the app and an up-to-date overview of fleet documentation is also available. Matters such as consumption figures, family news or company events are of course also given plenty of space within the app.

We are very proud of the first result that we have achieved together with the people of Bundeling. In the coming period we will further expand the information and possibilities within the app and very soon our loyal charters will also be invited to join. Our goal is to form the Hartman Transport Groep company app into a useful tool that helps us to get everyone who works for us on a daily basis even more involved in the daily aspects of our great company.

After a successful audit by QualityMasters, we have completed an instructive period in the formation of our transport group by achieving certification in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 standard. We are very proud of the achieved result because this certification shows that Hartman Expeditie, J.P. Vis & Zn. and Brinkman Trans-Holland are joined in a powerful transport group that stands for a logistic service with demonstrable attention to the subjects Quality, Environmental effects and Food safety in all our activities and decisions. We take our responsibility in the logistic chain and our goal is to continuously improve and strengthen our organisation. We therefore have full confidence in the future for our transport group!

The office and warehouse location of Hartman Expeditie and J.P. Vis & Zn. has recently been provided with our logos. With this, the powerful cooperation within our transport group and our joint sustainability label are brought to the attention of road users on the A37 in a stylish way.

Hartman Expeditie is fully committed to sustainability. Not only do we use trucks running on alternative fuels such as LNG and HVO-100, we are also working on reducing CO2 emissions at the locations in Poeldijk and Nieuw Amsterdam. For example, 1361 solar panels were recently installed on the roof of the warehouse in Nieuw Amsterdam. In combination with other energy-saving measures such as LED lighting with movement sensors in the warehouse and an efficient system for air-conditioning the various rooms, this location is now almost climate neutral. We are working on making this location completely climate neutral.

Hartman Expeditie, with branches in Poeldijk, Nieuw-Amsterdam and Greve (Denmark), recently concluded a framework agreement with Scania Netherlands for the delivery of fifty new Scania’s over a period of two years. Director Ronald Hartman explains the order: “Scania is one of our regular suppliers and new trucks regularly appear in our fleet throughout the year. With this framework agreement I want to avoid having to go through the entire purchase process for each individual vehicle. Our partnership with Scania is so professional that they want cooperate in achieving the best solution possible. This saves us a lot of time that we can now spend on our core business.”

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