The office and warehouse location of Hartman Expeditie and J.P. Vis & Zn. has recently been provided with our logos. With this, the powerful cooperation within our transport group and our joint sustainability label are brought to the attention of road users on the A37 in a stylish way.

Hartman Expeditie is fully committed to sustainability. Not only do we use trucks running on alternative fuels such as LNG and HVO-100, we are also working on reducing CO2 emissions at the locations in Poeldijk and Nieuw Amsterdam. For example, 1361 solar panels were recently installed on the roof of the warehouse in Nieuw Amsterdam. In combination with other energy-saving measures such as LED lighting with movement sensors in the warehouse and an efficient system for air-conditioning the various rooms, this location is now almost climate neutral. We are working on making this location completely climate neutral.

Hartman Expeditie, with branches in Poeldijk, Nieuw-Amsterdam and Greve (Denmark), recently concluded a framework agreement with Scania Netherlands for the delivery of fifty new Scania’s over a period of two years. Director Ronald Hartman explains the order: “Scania is one of our regular suppliers and new trucks regularly appear in our fleet throughout the year. With this framework agreement I want to avoid having to go through the entire purchase process for each individual vehicle. Our partnership with Scania is so professional that they want cooperate in achieving the best solution possible. This saves us a lot of time that we can now spend on our core business.”

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