Hartman Expeditie is a family business and by nature is strongly involved in its working and living environment. Our employees are important and we offer them a workplace where they can work safely, healthy and pleasantly and where they can further develop. Also, we believe it is important that we continue to improve ourselves as a company and that we take on the challenge to adapting our concept to social developments. On sustainability we are well on the way to a climate-neutral logistics solution. To achieve this goal and to communicate our actions and achievements, we started Green Label Logistics. For more information, visit the website: www.greenlabellogistics.com.

Hartman Expedition is participating in a project in Macedonia. The initiative called Microdonia aims to create employment in Macedonia by providing advice and assistance to initiatives, companies and institutions and also financially through microcredits. Investments are being made in more and more projects. The ultimate goal is to offer people in Macedonia a better future. In addition to assistance to entrepreneurs, humanitarian aid is provided to schools, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. For more information, visit www.microdonia.nl.